Garage Door Decorations are large printed Garage Door Murals for Christmas and Halloween. The decoration covers the entire exterior surface of a residential garage door -- from top to bottom and from side to side -- creating a gigantic holiday mural that greets all who pass by.  Select your favorite decoration from holiday themes that range from classical and traditional to modern and whimsical.

  The Garage Door Decoration is a computer generated graphic that produces a sharp clean image at any viewing distance. The graphics are printed using vibrant weather resistant inks on one continuous pvc-fiberglass reinforced sheet for strength and durability.  The garage door decoration will be enjoyed for many seasons to come. Garage Door Murals hang up in minutes with two people and will not interfere with the normal opening and closing of the door. Once the holiday is over, simply detach the decoration, roll up and store.



Standard Garage Door Measurements

Garage mural dimensions are nominal (in name but not in fact). Standard murals are 1” to 2” less in height and 4” less in width than their corresponding door. A mural’s smaller dimensions allow the mural to clear the side weather stripping on the door framing as the door opens and closes and prevents the bottom edge of the mural from touching the floor.

How to measure your door:

1. Height: Measure the full face height of the door including what is hidden behind the door header. This is best accomplished from inside the garage with the door closed. Measure the door from top to bottom on its backside. The door height must be slightly taller than the mural height. The difference can vary but one or two inches is typical. The mural has tensioning straps which are elastic and will stretch.

2. Width: With door open, lay tape measure on floor and measure inside distance between the weather stripping i.e., side-to-side opening. The side-to-side opening must be greater than the mural width for that door -- typically one or two inches.

Note: If the door measurements are not larger than the mural dimensions -- do not order the mural. You will need a custom sized mural.

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